Marine Services 

Structural & Cosmetic
Fiberglass Repairs
Bottom Painting
 Oil Changes & Engine Service
Hull Waxing
Spring Commissioning
Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repair
Awlgrip Applications
Carbon Fiber Repair &
Composite Fabrications
Shrink Wrapping
Teak Work
Rowing Shell Repair

Turner Marine Services offers a variety of services to keep your boat looking good and running well.
Even though our boating season is limited, maintenance is year round. So as the seasons change so
do the types of maintenance:

Spring commissioning prepares your boat for enjoyment removal of shrink wrapping, service the engines, waxing, painting of the bottom, wax the hull, varnishwork and detailing.

Summer maintenance includes waxing and routine cleaning to protect surfaces of your boat. This is a good time of year for bigger projects that require good weather.

As the boating season ends in the Fall, it's time to protect your boat from the harsh winter weather.
Shrink wrapping protects exterior wood and fiberglass from debris and ice. Winterizing your engine keeps
the hoses and systems they serve from being frozen.

Winter is a great time to get winter projects done. Winter projects can be anything from rub rail
replacement, rigging replacement, wood and gel coat repairs or complete paint jobs.

Along with the above, there are many other services we offer and can help you throughout the seasons.